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What You Must Know About Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th conspiracy is much of a Halloween celebration to some wild thoughts.

People from across the globe think of this day as when misfortunes, accidents and so much sort of them could likely to happen to anyone. What a scary day to think of indeed!

But history reveals that the conspiracy about it is that of a ludicrous story of all time. it is much like a bedtime story for children that is with a purpose of either scaring or giving out amusement.

In an article by historian-Myth Buster Becky little of National Geographic , there she says:

“The hottest take on Friday the 13th is that it wasn’t associated with bad luck until 1907, when a novel titled Friday, the Thirteenth was published. In his book on the number 13, author Nathaniel Lachenmeyerargues that before the 20th century, “13” had been an unlucky number, and “Friday” had been an unlucky day, but “Friday the 13th” wasn’t necessarily a concept.

Whether or not the superstitions began with that novel, it’s clear that a lot of  rationalizations for it—such as the Templar tale—are recent inventions. So, too are many of the other myths about these misunderstood knights.”


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The Knights Templars were a religious order of unmarried men, formed around A.D. 1119 whose goals were to defend the Kingdom of Jerusalem and protect pilgrims during the Crusades received lands from Christians and other forms of financial support.  And during 1307 the Templars were caught in a crushing altercation with King Philip IV of France when the latter ran after them because of going low on funds and  finding out that the Templars had been onto passing around money and lands.

King Philip IV swayed to the public about the knights being attached to Magic and Heresy , two of the most hated beliefs during the time.

And the war on Social Politics continued such that on Friday the 13th, the King had some of the Templars arrested for Heresy.

However for the sake of  clarity, it was the King of France, not Pope Clement V, accused the Knights Templar of heresy. Even so, the Pope disbanded the order since the whole heresy mess had defiled its name.

And this is where various conspiracies came in.

The Authors of  the Fictional Book Holy Blood, Holy Grail incorporated some of the craziest attacks against Christendom and the Knights Templar

John Walker, a history professor who is writing a book about Knights Templar myths says:

“One common myth is that “the Templars were created by this organization called the Priory of Sion to excavate in Jerusalem and find information about the bloodline of Christ,” says John Walker, a history professor who is writing a book about Knights Templar myths. (One wonders how they would have performed the DNA tests.)”

“Other theories claim the Templars discovered treasure, or the Holy Grail, or some heretical secret (i.e. that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, or never rose from the grave). There are also theories about what happened to the Templars after they disbanded. One of the most popular legends says the Templars became the Freemasons—a rumor that was actually started by some of the Freemasons.”

““It was really after that was published that you get this widespread interest in myths about the Templars, particularly when the Internet started in the ’90. Then after that, The Da Vinci Code took up the Templar myths promoted in Holy Blood, Holy Grail—so much so that its authors sued Dan Brown for plagiarism. (They lost.)

No wonder, fictions are most of the time more appealing to the public than facts. Much to say about, Historical facts.

However, when answering the question ” Is it really for everyone to be scared of that day that fell on the 13th?”


The answer is staggeringly funny “No”

The Genesis account as to quote God initiating the Natural law saying:

Genesis 1:31 “God saw ALL that he had made, and it was very GOOD. And there was evening, and there was morning–the sixth day.”

Such as when God came into Human form promises

Mathew 28;20 ” …And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


God is with us every single second of the minute, every hour of the day and every day of the week and so on and so forth.

So there is really nothing to worry about that Friday the 13th as the theory in it is very unchristian.








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