Wednesday , June 20 2018
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CFD NatCon 2018

The CFD National Convention, the annual and premier gathering of Philippines’ top Catholic theologians and apologists, announces its theme for the year 2018: “Priests in the Modern Era.” The whole Catholic faithful, being themselves belonging to the priesthood of all believers, has been called out to defend the faith by the virtue of their baptism and confirmation. This call, empowered by the Holy Spirit, not only strengthens the believers in their mission, but is also a manifestation of God’s intervening work in the world through his church throughout the history of mankind. However, the call to the ministerial priesthood is a vocation that not everyone is called to, but is one that demands great sacrifice in order to serve God and his church. Being the primary dispensers of the sacraments especially the Eucharist, the Pope, the Bishops, the Presbyters, and the Deacons lead the charge of living a holy life and proclaiming the Word of God. The logo for this year’s annual convention depicts a priest wearing the clerical collar, which is a symbol of the modernity of the priesthood, which only came into prominence in the 12th century. A cross is depicted at the center of the priest, indicating that priests should keep Jesus Christ at the center of their lives. The fire hovering above the priest represents the Holy Spirit, who, at Pentecost, was poured out to the church, and it is there that the divine mission to preach the Gospel to all creatures and to all the nations was started. The rays indicate that this divine mission is still the same even today, even to these modern priests, and these rays shine outwardly, which means that the mission isn’t only for a select few privileged—it is for all.

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