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KNOW THE TRUTH (KTT) TV program on TV Maria started as a dream. With God’s grace, it has become a dream come true.


For the longest time, there has been no Filipino Catholic TV program specifically defending the Catholic faith from the attacks of non-Catholic sects. Due to the incessant broadcast of such sects as the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), Members Church of God International (MCGI, popularly known for their Ang Dating Daan TV program) and other fundamentalist groups attacking the Catholic Church, many Catholics were lured away from the Church and ended up in any of the sects. Other Catholics are more confused than ever because they could not answer the accusations of the sects. They are thus easy targets for the sects and, in due time, they are ripe for the picking.


Painfully aware of this scenario, Catholic apologists in the Philippines belonging to different groups like Defensores Fidei Foundation (DFF) and Catholic Faith Defenders (DFF) dreamed of putting up a TV program defending the Catholic Faith and answering the false accusations of the sects. This almost impossible dream became a reality when the Children of Light Catholic Community (COLCC) offered their studio and facilities to tape the initial episodes of what became KNOW THE TRUTH.


Hosted by REV. FR. ABRAHAM P. ARGANIOSA and ATTY. MARWIL N. LLASOS (who are both involved in DFF and CFD), the TV program literally started from scratch. We started with whatever little we had. With no support from the Catholic Church hierarchy, the program aired on TV Maria. KTT was sustained by the abiding faith of the hosts and producers and dependent solely on Divine Providence. The production staff is composed mostly of volunteers who came to the studio in droves to step up their help in any way they can. Indeed, so many things have been achieved by so few, with so little. Only God’s grace can explain the little successes scored by KTT.


Since its initial airing in 2014, the show became popular especially among the youth and overseas Filipino workers. It has touched thousands of lives and strengthened the faith of many souls who thirst for God’s truth.


The show is far from perfect. It has received some criticisms from some quarters – mostly about the production quality of the show; others about the rather forceful (or even “colorful”) language sometimes employed by the hosts. The show expects criticisms from non-Catholics and welcomes criticisms from Catholics (including the few that comes from the clergy). However, it seems that those Catholics who criticize the most are the ones who have not contributed anything to the show. To them also we say “thank you” for at least watching the show.


KTT welcomes criticisms especially when they are constructive. The show seeks to improve itself in any way it can, despite its extremely meager resources. To those offended by the show’s manner, matter and method, our sincerest apologies. We take full responsibility for our mistakes which are in no way attributable to the Church or the organizations we represent but are due solely to our human imperfections. There is always room for development for which we must always strive.


But of course, KTT notes with gratitude the felicitations that come from its televiewers and those who follow the show on Youtube and other social media. Whatever good we have accomplished in the salvation of souls and in building up the Body of Christ can only be known to God. Those involved in the show – the hosts, producers, staff, volunteers and donors– could only thank God for counting us worthy despite our littleness to be instruments of His mercy and grace. To God be the glory.


KTT now has a new home in the Internet. This website is created in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, vanquisher of heresies, and dedicated to God’s glory and the salvation of souls.


Feel free to visit us often for updates on the TV program, apologetics articles and news about our Catholic apologetics ministry.

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